Wednesday the 16th
What is it?

Granita is an icy cold slush drink that has become a popular alternative beverage merchandised with espresso or other "up scale" beverages and cocktails.

Until now, all granitas were fruit flavored in the machine so an operator could only offer as many flavors as tanks on the granita machine.

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Mud Pie Granita
10oz - The Original Cream Style GRANITA
1/2oz Chocolate syrup
1/2oz Hazelnut syrup
1/2oz Praline syrup
Top with whipped cream
Garnish with pralines and shaved chocolate

You can almost feel the crunch of the chocolate snow under your tongue. A tribute to the chocolate lover in all of us, this mud pie granita is a frosty blend of velvety chocolate and rich hazelnuts and pralines. One sip and you glide into a sweet, cool world.

-Cafe Ole Magazine
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